Tuesday, 10 December 2013

North Pole Express Train set

I mentioned in the post before this that I had made two train sets as Christmas decorations this year and I only posted photos of the first set I made in the previous post. I am so happy with the way this set turned out that I had to do a post on its own just to show you this set.

I used the Vintage Christmas paper set from Couture Creations and I loved making this project. Not only is it a train set that will look beautiful on the mantel piece but it is gifts boxes as well. This project could be used as a  gift box or a  table centrepiece but I am going to put it on my mantel piece and have bought electronic tea light candles to place in the inside so that it glows.

 This is the completed set with Engine, box cart and caboose.
 A closer look at the front Engine, decorated with red and bronze rhines, gold brads and gold line stickers and a few Christmas buttons. The red part of the train in the box lid which comes off and you can use as a gift box or place the tea candles.
 The middle box cart, also decorated with red and bronze rhinestones and gold line stickers and a decorative 25 for Christmas day. The boxes inside the cart is also part of the SVG set from SVG Cuts and it is nestled in red tissue paper.
 The caboose is also a box, the red roof is removable. The windows are vellum so it will give a really nice glow once the tea candles are flickering inside. The windows are decorated with gold line stickers and some Christmas brads.
 Front few of the train set, showing off the vintage button placed in front for the headlight
A closer look at the headlight. This has turned out to be my favourite Christmas decoration this year and  I will be storing this away very carefully to use in years to come!

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  1. Gorgeous train, isn't it lovely making something 'out of the box'. Congrats on your win on Artfullcrafts

  2. These kind of projects are by far my favourite type of crafting project!! I love the challenge each project brings!! Thank you so excited about the win!!