Sunday, 1 December 2013

Christmas Ornaments

A dear friend of mine, Dad passed away a few months ago from Cancer and she has taken his death very hard. This will be the first Christmas without her Dad and if you have lost anybody close to you, you will know that its always the Birthdays, Holidays and Anniversaries that is the hardest.

I want to try and make this Christmas a little bit easier on the family and after watching a video from Catherine Pooler, where she was making her own Christmas ornaments, I decided to make my friend a Christmas ornament and put a photograph of her father on the front of them. I ended up making three, one for my friend, her mother and her brother.

 The blue one I made with her brother in mind and I made two of the red and green ones below for my friend and her mother.

 I also decided to make matching box's for them to store the decoration during the year!!
The ornaments are made using Christmas ornaments stamp set and stamping the image 4 items per ornament making a total of 20 red and 20 green. This will make only one of the ornaments. To see the original video by Catherine Pooler go to Youtube and search "Stampin up Holiday Mini Catalog Ornament".

thank you


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