Monday, 28 January 2013

Update on the 21st Burlesque themed party

So I have finally received a few of the pictures from my nieces Burlesque themed Birthday party and I am pleased to advise that it went down very well. Shanna looked stunning, everybody came dressed for the occasion and fun was had by all.

If you can remember I made her invitations and some of the decorations for the champagne bottles, Burlesque themed cupcake stand with fake cupcakes as decorations and Thank you tags for the quests. I had to make the individual parts and then post to South Africa for them to put together. My original idea was that the cupcake stand would be seen from all directions but in the end the only spot for it was up against a wall which made decorating the top as I pictured more difficult. However, I do think that my Mom did a good job of completing my project. Thank you for looking and come back soon. Leave comments if you please!!

Here are a few photos of the end results:

Cupcake stand with the decorations.

Corset decoratios for the champagne bottles.

Thank you tags for the guests.

This is my niece Shanna and her boyfriend, all dressed up for the occasion.
Shanna's corset birthday cake make by a friend !

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