Thursday, 1 November 2012

21st Birthday Card

For some reason, since I decided to start my blog, I have been in undated with requests for 21st Birthday cards and decorations. Don't get me wrong, loving it all, but it does make me realise that age is creeping up on us and our children are no longer children but becoming beautiful and hopefully well adapted strong young adults!!

This young lady shares her birthday every year with her younger brother and this year she is turning 21, which is a huge birthday BUT her brother is turning 18 on the same day, which is also a big birthday!! PARTY TIME!!!!!!

Anyway, I wanted to make her a special Birthday card and because she is such a lady, I wanted to keep it really pretty and simple :

I do believe that I have captured her personality in this card and hope she likes it as much as I do!! Her brothers card I will be doing in the next couple of days and will put photo's up once completed. See ya!!


  1. this is beautiful card you have you have Gift Card envelopes for it to use.

  2. Thank you for the lovely comment!! I do not have a gift card envelope for this card. I have bought her jewellery so I will be making a gift box. Are you looking for a template for a "Gift Card Envelope"? I am pretty sure that I could help you with a template if that is what you are looking for!!

  3. Thank you give me chance for comments.
    I wanted to keep it really pretty and simple.
    Wish you share it.
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  4. Wow ,, that is so cute. I love the design and the concept of it . Thumbs up !!. thanks for sharing anyway :)