Saturday, 20 October 2012

Cupcake stand

So working on Shanna's Burlesque themed party, got me thinking about further decorations. I searched the internet to find a template of a dress form cupcake stand and could not find anything. What I could find was a normal stand but the actual cupcakes are themed which is not what I wanted. So I got to designing my own  cupcake stand that is dress form shaped. I used an existing SVG dress form file, which I enlarged and cut our 4 times. Scored each one down the middle and glued them together. This gives me the stand!!

Then I cut out three circles - 7" x 7", 9" x 9" and 11" x 11" which makes up the three layers of the stand. Cut in slits on the top so that I can put them in place on the dress form stand. Top layer is silver, middle is red and the bottom is black.

Nothing is glued into place or secured and that is why it looks all a bit wobbly and off balance. I unfortunately cannot put this together permanently as it has to be posted to South Africa!!

The next step is adding lace and trim with sequins to the edge of each layer.

  However, as you can see in the last photo, you can see the hot glue used to attach the lace and trim. Did not like this so I decided to make more roses and decorate the inside of each layer to hide the glue.

ONCE AGAIN WHAT WAS I THINKING!!! Does not matter how much work and time it took to make enough (100 odd) roses, I really like the outcome and am glad that I lost sanity for a day and made all these roses:

So this is as far as I can go with this cupcake stand. I will be boxing it up and it will be put together in South Africa for the party. However, my idea I had from the start was for the top of the stand to look like it was exploding!! So  I have made deco items to be attached to skewers and placed on the top of the stand. I decided on the number 21 x 2, burlesque masks x 6, stars x 4 and some cute sticks with silver balls attached. All of these will be placed on the top of the stand with heaps of black feathers so as to keep with the Burlesque theme!!

I cannot wait to see what this all looks like once put together. The party is only in January 2013 so I have quite a while to wait to see it complete but because of the time period it takes to get to South Africa by post it was important to get it done now!!

Please let me know what you think!!

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